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March 02, 2023 3 min read

At the heart of it. Iman aspires to be so much more than a jewellery brand. It is a business born out of a deep desire to share the love and inspiration we have of our deen and history far and wide. 

With this in mind we want to stay close and connect to our community and to promote other businesses, creatives and amazing people doing extraordinary things.

From really good reads to the best barista's in town from great new eating spots to exciting up-coming events! We will share with you things and people that inspire us and hopefully inspire you too!

So make sure you don't miss out on our quarterly "list" with info on what's new and happening in and around our beautiful South African cities. There's so much to do, create and discover and we really do want to share it with you! Please email us if you have any amazing friends/family or tips that we can share in future lists. 




We adore art and creativity and Islam has the most incredible and rich history in the arts! With that being said, Cape Town is hosting the first ever Islamic Arts Workshop Weekend. This is a little last minute as it starts this weekend, but we didn't want you to completely miss this opportunity. For those of you in Cape Town go check out the website link below and for any die hard calligraphers it might be worth a flight. 

"The Deen Arts Foundation South Africa is an extension of an international organisation and is presenting a series of Islamic Sacred Arts workshops from 5 - 11 March in Cape Town."

This includes Calligraphy classes from China to Turkey, an introduction to Islamic Geometric Pattern, and Exploring Islamic Illumination class and many more fascinating topics with world renowned instructors!


Date: 5 to 11 March 2023

Time: Booking Required

Venue address: 
Zeenatul Islam Mosque, Chapel St, District Six, Cape Town

To book tickets go to and search under workshops. 



The first word recited by the prophet PBUH was “Iqra” and knowledge acquisition and curiosity is encouraged throughout our deen both in the Quran and in Hadeeth. 

This week the book I wanted to really highlight is a book I am currently reading. The Quranic Prescription by Madiha M Saeed. This is an incredible insightful book about health. The human body is SO amazing subhanallah and this book shows just how much we are taught about health and food in our tradition. it really is a good read and a great book to refer to. 

Available to order at 




On the topic of health and wellness from Madiha's book above, we've recently heard a lot of hype about a Jozi company called Authentic Food Studio. Not only do they cater for events and so beautifully as well, but they offer an incredible weekly menu. Things like protein bowls, smoked salmon bagels and Morrocan chickpea curry, not to mention their cold press juices and shots! Sounds super YUMMY!

This is what they say about their offering...

"Our amazing team of passionate foodies are excited and ready to deliver great tasting, nutritious food every single day! We take pride in the fact that all our ingredients are seasonal & locally sourced, complimenting our healthy meals which are made fresh every single day. 

Save yourself the hassle and let us sort out the catering for your event or special occasion. From zesty and fresh platters to grazing boards and oh so sweet desserts, our food promise is to nourish our clients like we would our families - with healthy, vibrant and wholesome food."

Just take a look at the stylish, abundant and professional way they cater events!

Their Instagram is and their contact details are all there. 




I have had the privilege of getting to know the owner of this “boutique” leather handbag brand, a fellow female Muslim entrepreneur! Wardia Essop, as stylish as she is lovely. After admiring her bags for a few weeks.

I recently bought my first Rose May piece. All I can say is you have to see them to understand why this brand is going places. The shapes, colours and options are well considered and beautifully finished with an incredible eye for detail. There is definitely something for everyone in her range. 

Go check out their Instagram @rosemaygirl


Well that's it from us! Inshallah all your preparations for our blessed Ramadan go well. 
With love always and huge shukr for you all,